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Cincinnati Trying Again To Bring Casino Gambling To The City

In the state of Ohio voters were asked back in the last election about a casino measure and it did not pass. That did not deter lawmakers, however, and they have come back with yet another constitutional amendment that would bring casino gambling to several cities throughout the state. Cincinnati is one of those cities. […]

China Changing Lottery Laws For First Time in Over Twenty Years

China became active in the lottery industry back in 1987. Back then, everything was new and fun with the lottery. Recent reports of addictions with devastating effects has prompted the government to look into changing regulations within the lottery. New regulations may be put in place to ensure that people are safe guarded as much […]

Cell Phone Ban in Casino Sports Books Coming To An End in Nevada

Cell phones used to give an advantage to the sharp bettor in Nevada casino sports books. They would use the devices to relay information back and forth between casinos, to see who had the most favorable lines. The Gaming Control Board in the state banned the use of cell phones in these sports books to […]

Catawba Tribe Loses Supreme Court Poker Battle in South Carolina

Most Indian tribes are not regulated by state laws and are usually governed by themselves, this is not the case, however, for the Catawba Indian Tribe in South Carolina. In 1993, a land settlement was reached over 144,000 acres of land that the tribe had argued was illegally taken from them in an 1840 treaty. […]